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What is available in this demo?
- The lobby level will be available with 2 game modes. 

- Multiplayer Deathmatch: You can easily set up a server 
and play with your friends. Or you can join one of the planned play-sessions by pressing this >> link <<

- Single - Player survival mode: A mode designed for this demo. More info below!

- An early version of our dynamic time of day in the single-player level. 


In the demo you will have access to the Lobby map. Here you will have the chance to kill other players in a casual and chaotic death-match style meta-game. 

In the lobby map you will find the special abilities and weapons generously scattered around the map, and you will be able experiment with different ability and weapon combinations.

The idea behind the demo is to give you a nice idea of what you can expect in BEAM EXTREME once it comes out.  The lobby map is the ultimate play-ground to get this message accross.


Because we can't expect a lot of people to be playing at the same time we made a single player survival mode for this special demo. This single player level is added so you have an area where you can experiment with the weapons and some of the abilities.

Fight against zombies and big brutes running around the map. In this map you will have access to all current weapons and abilities and you will be able to disable ai spawning or add even more to the mix.  Hopefully this gives you an idea of the controls and options in Beam Extreme.

In addition to all of this there will also be an early version of a our dynamic time of day system in the single-player game-mode.

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