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Beam Extreme

Beam Extreme is an intense, last man standing shooter, featuring insane special abilities, an arsenal of powerful weapons and the option to play from both a third or first person perspective. The current design of Beam Extreme will allow for 32 players to face off in frantic, massive battles in outdoor, arena style maps. Beam Extreme will test one's ability to make clever use of the game's unique abilities and weapons, as well as to take advantage of diverse and dynamic level design in order to be the last man standing. 


When spawning into the last man standing map you will find yourself placed in a ring with seven other contestants, facing a stockpile of high-end equipment at its center. This scenario simultaneously takes place at four different areas on the map. You can decide to take a chance during this initial phase, and risk your life battling it out in an intense early skirmish over powerful equipment that you can make use of for the rest of the match. Alternatively, you can book it in the opposite direction of this conflict with your life in tact, and try your luck at finding battle supplies in the surrounding area before the match moves into its next phase.

Once a few minutes has passed, deadly smoke will arise from the outer edges of the battlefield and slowly close in towards the the center of the map, forcing you and the other contestants to make your way to a beam shooting up in the sky at the arena's heart. During this frenzy to the middle, you will have to be mindful of both the wall of smoke enveloping the map, and the positioning of other contestants, all the while constantly scavenging for weapons and abilities. If you use what find sparingly and strategically in combat, and take advantage of the map's dynamic decrease in size, then you will have a good chance at joining the ranks of the final few left in the match at the center.

If you manage to out-wit, out-scavenge and out shoot your opponents, along with a little luck, you will become the victor of Beam Extreme, remaining as the last man standing!

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